Big Banana BB600 Reset Check Engine Light CAN Car Auto Scanner Diagnostic



Overal Rating

9.0 /10

Big Banana BB600 Reset Check Engine Light CAN Car Auto Scanner Diagnostic OBDII Scan Tool Code Reader plus Live Data Review

As a top rated vehicle diagnostic scanner the Big Banana BB600 is equipped with all the quality features, thereby making this product irresistible for car owners.


It is often problematic for car owners in the selection process of a vehicle diagnostic tool. Many motorists may experience a similar situation due to the enforcement of the proper emission control regulations.


Surfing the internet, over and over through websites, it is most likely you might not stumble across the scanner you have always been looking for. However, we must say that the Big Banana BB600 is rendered with all the quality features making it an all-time top rated vehicle diagnostic scan tool suitable for all your scanning needs.


A U.S based company, the Banana Group are the manufacturers of this impressive scan tool, who has sought to delivery high quality products to the market time and time again. The innovative minds under this company have developed a top rated OBD2 scanner which is the only one of its kind by the Banana Group, and with this scan tool, you will be amazed at its many features.


Why should buy this Product? 


Making mention to one of the most competent scan tool on the market, it is important to note that this diagnostic scan tool is compliant with OBD2 vehicle scanning regulation. It is also necessary to note the 1 year guarantee on the product which adds to the reasons why purchasing this diagnostic scan tool is the best option.


Furthermore, a widened coding capacity along with the capability of reading both generic and manufacturer specific codes are just two of the many features that the BB600 boasts. For these specified features as mentioned makes the BB600 one of the most favoured and sold gadgets on the market and due to the fact that it is compatible with most vehicles.


For those individuals who are strap for cash, the Big Banana BB600 might just be your best bet as it is way more affordable than its counterparts. Furthermore, as an added bonus this scan tool requires a slightly less usage of the other applicable gadgets and a reduced usage of the appropriate software. Similarly, the quick  processing power by the OBD2 diagnostic scan tool will eliminate any need for additional technical expenses.


Compatibility is another area in which the product is made more beneficial to its user, as provisions are made for the scan tool to effectively function on a wide range of automobile brands. In light of this, it is safe to say that with the BB600 the user will not be required to purchase a completely different scan tool in the case where there is a change of vehicles.


Things We Liked 


Efficiency – This scan tool is guaranteed to always deliver accurate and precise data to the user due to its added enhancements, a live data feed with the ability to freeze data.


Durable – The Big Banana BB600 is built which is again guaranteed to last with some care from the user, backed with an added manufacturer warranty.

Cost – As it relates to the cost of the BB600, the Big Banana Diagnostic scan tool is less costly when compared to its competitors and performs at a greater capacity which is due to the many features that it entails.


Things We Didn’t Like 


The features 


  • Live data feed capability along with a data freeze option. These two outlined features of the scan tool functions to ensure that the vehicle user and technicians obtain the required data accurately. For example, to help with the scanning process, vehicle formation numbers would be produced and obtained by the scan tool.
  • The device is equipped with a Multilanguage mechanism to eliminate all communication barriers. English is the default language preset which as a result makes the device common for English speaking nationals.
  • This device has also gain its popularity on the market due to the fact that it has a high degree of compatibility, applicable to a wide range of motor-vehicle brands whether running on OBD1 or OBD2 scanning modes.
  • The ambient display is backlit thereby encouraging easy viewing of the data from this scan tool. Navigation is also


One major disadvantage is with the brittleness of some parts of the BB600.


Made hassle-free by the 4 button input components rendered on the scan tool. With this feature, only one scan is required to obtain all emission data from your vehicle.


The BB600 is rather a small scan tool with the devices physical specification 8 x 6 x 2 inches and is quite light, weighing just 11 ounces making it easy to carry and properly stored. This small design is beneficial to the user as the required space in the engine for the device’s usage is quite small.


When comparing this device with its counterparts there is the omission of a battery pack in the BB600. This omission is quite economical and time saving. As an added bonus to the user, the BB600 does not require a software package for its functionality. The omission of both features as stated will ensure ease of usage by novices.


How to use this scanner?


The BB600 Diagnostic scan tool is plug and play compliant, which is able to be fitted on the engine via a USB port. Without the presence of a battery nor an accompanying software, the setup of this scan tool is quite easy for both a professional technician as well as a novice. It is important to note that with this scan tool, the services of a technician are not required due to the device’s simplicity.




It is the will of all OBD2 scan users to acquire a scan tool that will deliver the most precise and accurate vehicle data. For this reason, purchasing a Big Banana BB600 you will be guaranteed a top rated diagnostic scan tool with the best scanning experience at an affordable cost.


It is important to note that there are many other diagnostic scan tools on the market with a top rated device status. So it is recommended to shop around and compare prices before making that final selection. It is also recommended to use the experience from users or reviews from our website as an act of making that first important step towards obtaining the scan tool that is right for you. With the Big Banana fitting all the vehicle scan needs you may have.