Innova 3040c New Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader with Live Data



Overal Rating

9.0 /10

INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader Review

By utilizing the scan tool INNOVA 3040 it is guaranteed great customer satisfaction as it pertains to finding the right scan tool for the different vehicles.


The diagnostic scan tool, the INNOVA 3040 can be considered as one of the most innovative methods as it relates to alleviating issues that arise from vehicular scanning requirements. As an important point to make, there is the upgrade to OBD2 scan scanning requirements, which offers improved current data feeds thereby assuring the user that emission scan requirements are hereby sorted.


INNOVA Corporation is the sole manufacturer of this scan tool, actively introducing relevant technological advances as it pertains to motor vehicles. This company has been on the market for several years and as such, are highly trusted to delivered high- quality products.


With so many variants of scan tools on the market, it is to no surprise that the majority of vehicle owners select the INNOVA Scan Tool which is equipped with a code reader and delivers Live Data to vehicles with OBD2. This product selection is based primarily on its superior performance when compared to the other products on the market falling under the same category.


In need of a product that suits your vehicle scan requirements, then with a moderate budget, look no further than the INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader. It is guaranteed to suit all your needs due to the many features that it boasts and the average cost that is attached to this high-quality product.


Why should buy this Product? 


Convenient – By utilizing the INNOVA 3040, users will have full satisfaction as it regards finding a scanning product suitable for your vehicle. The INNOVA 3040 with its improved compatibility as a Diagnostic scan tool and code reader, equipped with Live Data for vehicles with OBD2 covers the many areas of vehicular usage.


Cost effectiveness – The monetary value pertaining to this particular scan tool is appreciably low considering its wide range of  use. For such a product with such a relative cost, delivering all the requisite services, this product is undeniably the product of choice for many of our customers.


Author Review 


Due to the design and versatility of this scan tool, it has fascinated the minds of many vehicle owners who have come into contact with it. With an affordable price tag, this product provides the user with maximum scan results when as opposed to the other scan tools that carry a rather extravagant attached price offering users with inferior product results.


Furthermore, this particular scan tool is further complimented with great support teams in the industry which are very popular and in accordance with INNOVA Corporation’s company policy. As an added bonus to the customer, the INNOVA 3040 is well designed and light weighted which enables the transporting of this product to be fairly easy.


Things We Liked 


Ergonomic design – This scan tool is manufactured in such an innovative way as to provide superiority over its competitor’s rather bulky and repulsive designs.


Storage – storage is fairly easy for the OBD2 scan tool as it is fairly small in size, the same can be said about its accompanying pouch. This ensures ease of use and transportation of the device.


Additionally, due to the miniature size, enables the device to be easily retrofitted to the vehicle.


Compatibility – This is one of the major features responsible for the popularity of this scan tool. It is designed to be compatible with a wide array of vehicles which is accessible to most manufacturer code specifications.


Cost – As it relates to the cost of the INNOVA 3040 it is best described in comparison to the other products on the market. While other products are heavily priced in our opinions, the INNOVA 3040 is less costly and performs at a greater capacity which is due to the many features that it entails.


Things We Didn’t Like 


Compatibility is limited and as such the device is incapable of reading data from some vehicles from the varying manufacturers.


INNOVA 3040 Features 


  • It is rendered with the capability of both reading, erasing and switching off the vehicle’s engine during usage. This act of turning off the engine readily speeds up the scanning process.


  • Functional attachments are easy to use, with the capability to update data after 30 seconds after use. This is beneficial as the user obtains current data, updated scan progress logs and aids in providing accurate data reports whenever in search for a remedy.


  • Internationally recognized due to the language packs incorporated. Increased accessibility of technical codes independent of the nationality.


  • Good enough display capable of showing live data as well as frozen data. This is very important as it relates to problem- solving for a technician. The display is also equipped with a code definition lookout system.


  • Customizable features with the added opportunity to refresh data from an internet connection source. This feature enforces the uniqueness of the product with the durability guarantee stop-gap mechanism. This added component increases the compatibility of this product with a wider range of vehicles.


  • The INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic is a small enough device designed to ensure ease of transport. This is further advantageous by due to the fact that it is very light-weight, weighing in at a mere 4 oz. The two reasons as stated before are responsible for the ease of use and storage of the OBD2 scan tool.


  • Good product compatibility with the added component to ensure compatibility on newer car models that is in direct compliance with the new OBD2 regulations.


  • The INNOVA 3040 is equipped with a battery pack which offers power to the scan tool so it can be utilized even in instances where the engine is turned off.


  • Equipped with a ready support attribute which functions to service OBD2 scan tools made by ASE Tech, partners of INNOVA Corporation.


  • It functions on a bi-directional basis and at its core is an eight (8) service mode component. As an important point to note, it is also rendered with an EVAP, short for Evaporative emission control system.


  • For protection and proper storage, a pouch is provided for such purposes.


  • For improved protection, the device is also equipped with an ABS, short for Anti-lock brake system and an SRS (Safety restraint system) feature. Where both components can be seen in vehicular air bag safety mechanism.


  • Vehicle information can be determined as the scan tool is able to retrieve codes of manufacturer’s specifications as well as globalized codes and other less popular known codes.


  • Simple user interface with plug and play support along with easy to use input mechanisms makes the INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool functional to the user without the slightest complications.





In the past, efforts to acquire a scan tool that is capable of integrating into all models and several OBD2 scans was a very daunting task. Although the INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic tool is furnished with several functional features, this may not be applicable for some vehicle owners.


It is recommended to visit shops and to shop wisely in order to reduce the acquisition of a product that is not needed nor applicable to your vehicle. If you are one that is in a particular need  of a scan tool, then look no further than INNOVA’s 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool and code reader equipped with Live Data most suited for OBD2 automobiles.