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INNOVA 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader Review

The INNOVA 3120 supports direct plug and play connectivity to interface with a PC. It has the capability to quickly and efficiently download vehicle data. Vehicle scanners are becoming more abundant nowadays but the INNOVA 3120 Diagnostic scan tool was found to be very impressive, which is intended for both OBD2 and OBD1 motor vehicles.


Since the establishment of the INNOVA Corporation in 1990, it has been delivering excellent products to the market, which is responsible for the company’s success. In addition, the company is highly efficient and accurate and has always sought to make their products affordable for its customers, all the more reasons behind the company’s tremendous success and admiration.


The manufacturer has created over 50 products with the right blend of skill set and innovative minds thereby producing some of the highest quality products intended for your vehicle. Furthermore, the support system made possible by ASE technicians in the U.S.A is a fundamental department that encourages trust between the company and its clients.


Why should buy INNOVA 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool 


As it relates to the benefits of the INNOVA 3120 scan tool and code reader for both OBD2 and OBD1 a few are stated as follows:


The manufacturers of this scan tool have resorted to patent this scanner model and has rendered it with an important attribute showing its multiple features. The user manual that is attached is designed to be easily read as the instructions are rather clear, showing how to operate the product.


Author Review 


Getting the opportunity to utilize this scan tool, it was found that this product is quite excellent and accurate as it provides current and instantaneous engine information. As an added bonus to the customer, a support guarantee is attached to the product in question. This scan tool is applicable and recommended to most vehicle brands on its product listing.


Things We Liked 


 The INNOVA 3120 is equipped with alive data screen display for OBD2 making things a bit easier for the user.


Equipped with a battery as a backup system enabling the device to be used even in the event the vehicle’s engine is switched off. Thereby increasing efficiency and making it possible for data transmission from a switched-off engine. 


Accompanying support system from ASE reliable technical team.


The introduction of a language pack feature thereby eliminating the need for on spot translation, encouraging easy access to information, be it any programming language.


Things We Didn’t Like 


This scanner is incapable of reading data from certain car brands even though they are listed on the manufacturers websites.


INNOVA 3120 Features 



  • A battery powered memory with the capability of functioning even in the event the engine is switched out. Technicians can then access and retrieve data in such an event.


  • The device’s physical specification includes a weight of 2 pounds with dimensions 2.5 x 15 x 10.5’’ which is quite reasonable for the type of device.


  • Compatibility–Models from as early as 1996 onwards which includes, SUVs, Ford/ Lincoln/ Mercury: between the years of 1983 – 1995 having EEC-IV (KOER, KOEO), also includes Toyota/Lexus created during the years 1991 – 1995 and models of Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler created during the years 1984 – 1995 and finally Jeep models manufactured between 1993 – 1995


  • Quick and efficient downloading of vehicle data made possible by the equipped plug and play computerized system.


  • Multilingual featured screen user interface enabling the user
    to access data quite easily.


  • A freeze frame modern OBD2 data mechanism which enables the device to refresh automatically after every 30 second time intervals which aid in the process of repair.


How to install and use


The first step is to connect the scan tool to the vehicle’s DLC port. Following this, the downloading of the Link software should take place on a windows computer. Lastly, access the appropriate data by connecting the diagnostic scan tool with the computer.




It is always a stressful time for anyone seeking to retrieve the required information from their vehicles whenever they lack the appropriate tools. In light of this, the INNOVA 3120 was created to solve this issue, effectively.


There has been an influx of these type of equipment on the market which are considered to be equally efficient and effective which could prove to be the most suited for your needs. This goes without saying that your discretion is advised. When looking for an effective scanning product with an affordable price, look no further than INNOVA’s 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool.


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