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INNOVA 3130c Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader Review

As it pertains to the usage of OBD 2 scans, the leading manufacturers INNOVA had always taken the center stage as a very flexible, well-organized and innovative company.


With INNOVA, you are guaranteed the best product that are suitable for your needs as they always live up to the expectation as a popular brand name. This is due to the first-hand use of the many INNOVA Scan products which I must say are quite impressive.


Another product making its entry on the market scene is INNOVA’s 3130c Diagnostic Scan Tool/ code reader a product from Equus Corporation an off branch of INNOVA. This accessory is well-suited for OBD2 automobiles and is essentially created to combat the significant increase in emissions.


This new development is designed and manufactured to comply and meet all the requirements stipulated by the appropriate regulatory bodies. This device functions to deliver efficient diagnosis for both vehicle users and technicians.


Why buy this scan tool?


It is quite advantageous as it pertains to the acquisition of this particular scan tool, nonetheless, a few notable reasons are as follows.


Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness – The cost of this scan tool is quite affordable, comparing with the other products under the same brand name. Nonetheless, what makes this scan tool unique and outstanding is its efficiency in relaying the OBD2 codes.


Larger coverage – this device is highly compatible which covers a wider range of car models thereby increasing its product preference. The range based on the coding capacity is from the C.A.N area networks controller while generic codes are established from P2, P0, P3, and U0.


Durable – this device is made by a trustworthy company with a good reputation with a sturdy built and can last up to several years with a bit of care from its users.


Author Review 


It is true that people often have varying perceptions as it relates to the use of different devices which is all dependent on whether or not the instructions are followed correctly. In light of this, the INNOVA 3130c is guaranteed to function as designed once the accompanying instructions are correctly followed.


In the holistic assessment of scan tools, this, in particular, is equipped with unique features enabling the device to function with a wide variety of vehicle models which represents one of the major strengths of this Diagnostic scan tool.


Technical tips guaranteed, the fixed assisting technicians as well as ASE’s technical teams would find the use of INNOVA’s 3130c scan tool to be very handy in carrying out their tasks. This is, however, customary so as to simplify motor vehicle repair. Making this scan tool ideal for both car users and technicians.


Things We Liked 


The INNOVA3130c supports direct plug and play connectivity to interface with a PC. It has the capability to quickly and efficiently download vehicle data.


The introduction of a language pack feature thereby eliminating the need for on spot translation, encouraging easy access to information be it any programming language.


Equipped with a battery as a backup system enabling the device to be used even in the event the vehicle’s engine is switched off. Thereby increasing efficiency and making it possible for data transmission from a switched-off engine.


It functions on a bi-directional basis. As an important point to note, it is also rendered with an EVAP, short for Evaporative emission control system.


 Fast service delivery–The design approach to this impressive scan tool is aimed at providing the user with quick solutions in the event of an engine emission complication. Additionally, hard solutions will need the expertise of the ASE support technical team to assist in problem-solving.


Things We Didn’t Like 


By the use of this particular OBD2 scan tool some disadvantages may often arise which are as follows;


The manufacturer in tits specifications does not specify clearly what it is capable of doing. This, in essence, creates a situation of confusion. 


The general observable weakness of this tool is its failure in the identification process of diverse car models.


INNOVA 3130c Features 


Any accessory of any sort are usually scrutinized by the accompanying features it is equipped with. The INNOVA 3130c Diagnostic Scan Tool and code reader for OBD2 automobiles with both a battery backup system as well as ABS, includes many features which are as follows:


This device is equipped with a multilingual data output mechanism thereby enabling data to be interpreted by technicians universally. In addition, this erases all instances of ambiguity usually stemming from the translation process. As an added bonus, this encourages quicker coding as well as repair. 


The device is also capable of refreshing in a second’s time interval, made possible by the introduction of an automated refresh system. This also can be considered as an indicator, notifying the user when the scan or repair process is completed.


Equipped with a high-quality battery power backup to power the scanning process in the event the vehicle’s engine is switched off.


With a well visible and ambient display, live data, as well as readiness checks and drive-cycle monitoring, can be effectively viewed. In addition, this display has the added functionality of helping to analyze codes by the introduction of graphic data representation. For further user satisfaction, the display of the INNOVA 3130c is also rendered with LED lighting to enable the display to be visible in very dull lighting.


Compatibility is further increased by the wide range of code coverage. Both generic, as well as manufacturer code specifications, are within the margins of this code coverage.


Compatibility also covers much more brands, whether OBD2 or OBD1 compliant. Evidently, it is capable of working on SUV’s as well as light trucks and newer models of cars. Additionally, this device is equipped with ABS (anti braking lock system) as a safeguard mechanism attached to air bags to ensure increased human safety.


With product specifications of 12 x 8.5 x 2.5’’, the INNOVA 3100 is desirably a small enough device which allows for easy storage and maneuvering. However, it weighs 1 pound which is widely appreciable by many users.


By the use of a USB serial cable, a connection is possible between the scan tool and a PC thereby enabling the transfer of scanned data for printing purposes and subsequent data analysis.


This scan tool is also rendered with the capability to be updated whether by flashing procedures or any appropriate PC accessory. As a result, acceptance of the new car models on the market is possible.


Warning signals in the form of LED lights to inform the user of the emission rate

Miniature size hand held device makes  it easy to hold and use


Quick and efficient downloading of vehicle data made possible by the equipped plug and play computerized system.


Multilingual featured screen user interface enabling the user to access data quite easily.


How to use 


Plug and play support is associated with the INNOVA 3130c Diagnostic tool like many other scanning tools. Basically, the device should be connected to a PC where the settings are then downloaded and installed, then followed by an update process. Following this, the device is ready to be connected to the engine of your vehicle for scanning. Quite simple don’t you think?




In the past, efforts to acquire a scan tool that is capable of integrating into all models and several OBD2 scans was a very daunting task. Although the INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic tool is furnished with several functional features, this may not be applicable for some vehicle owners. It is recommended to get a firsthand use of this device before purchasing. This will present some surety as it relates to whether or not you should purchase the INNOVA 3130c Diagnostic Scan Tool.


Fix Assist for OBD2 automobiles is rendered in the INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader. All associated features you require are stuffed in this scanning machine made for the sole purpose of regulating emissions of your car. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed.


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