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INNOVA 3140 OBD2/OBD1 Scan Tool Review

Review Summary:


Is your car of an older version? If yes, this scan tool is your best tool. Moreover, it covers OBD1 which is its strong point.


If you’re a passionate scan tool user, a number of INNOVA products will always be in your heart. The brand meticulously embraced several marketing strategies to increase their online and offline presence.


Nonetheless, some tools don’t require much marketing and advertising as they are self-sold, and have no dependence on the brand name or the manufacturer. This is the case with the INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD 2 Live Data. The scan tool stands in its own initiative and accord to boost its ranking in becoming one of the best OBD scan tools.


Even now, the makers of INNOVA OBD scans are known to shield their products from their competitors. That’s the reason why nearly all of their products are protected by a number of the recognized customer care initiatives.


Some of the best features of the INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD 2 Live Data will blow your mind if you’re a serious user of the OBD scanner.


Why should you buy this Product?


If used in the correct manner, one could get several benefits from the INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD 2 Live Data. A few of these benefits are:


  • Nice user interface: This tool has other vast data readings, and live data streaming which portrays that the needs of the user were put in focus while designing the scanner. Additionally, the user and efficiently acquire the opportunity to work with the coded data by way of the display screen.


  • Cost-effectiveness: The OBD scan tool has data coverage along with a large group of additional technical support which is a smart way to save money. Additionally, for coding and repair, this tool is bound to save you large quantities of cash.


Author Review


Regardless of the age and type of your car, this scan tool is perfect for you. A strong point of the scanner is its OBD1 coverage. Nevertheless, it is operational with newer cars, but you should read the user manual carefully before putting it to use. INNOVA and other brands have other scanners with faster and improved function. However, you may shop around.


Things We Liked


– User-friendliness: The installation process of the OBD scan tool software is beginner-friendly and very simple.


– Reliability: You can depend on this scan tool to save you from difficult situations because of its available library and provides both online and offline support. The results of the scan are also deemed to be high-end.


– Efficiency: Within its purview of actions, this OBD scan tool becomes very efficient. It supplies reliable and speedy data to the user, which he’s able to use in repairs.


Things We Didn’t Like


Old-fashioned: Even with its collection of some of the best functional benefits, the INNOVA 3140 OBD2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD 2 Live Data works well on only old motor vehicle brands. Rather, it contradicts the buzz it has developed over the functions that it has.


What are its features?


  • –  Excellent support after sales: The ASE technical team is always available to give assistance when any problems arise due to the use of this scan tool. The driver and mechanic can, therefore, have a trouble-free drive.


  • –  It is named to read SRS and ARS data codes effectively: This assures the user of its safer use.


  • –  Comfortable screen: It possesses an on-screen data library which assists its users in accessing the different data definitions without the need for the advice of the mechanic. In addition to that, there is a Tech Support feature which is identical to the INNOVA OBD scan tools. The use of this scan tool is made even smooth due to the live support offered.


  • –  Relatively smaller: Weighing just 4 pounds with a dimension of 15 x 3 x 10.2 inches, this scan tool is fairly smaller. Subsequently, it makes the use of the tool more comfortable without causing the user to become tired during the repair process.


  • –  Wide coding: With the capacity to obtain data from a number of car brands, this scan tool functions well with the older range of OBD1 cars, along with newer OBD 2 versions. This is due to the support from its coverage of the generic and manufacturer specific codes.


  • –  It can be easily updated by using a flash disk: This is a great deed in that it isn’t mandatory that an internet connection is there to carry out updates. Furthermore, updating the scan tool allows it to access a number of other brands of vehicles including later models.


  • –  Co-existing battery backup: Much praise is given to the INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD2 Live Data for standing amongst the various tools that the mechanic is able to use without establishing a connection to the engine of the vehicle. Therefore, it is a time-saving and efficient accessory.


  • –  It comes with a multilingual functionality with access to data in different languages which provides the user with flexibility and variety.


  • –  Comes with several connections: The typical 16-pin OBD connectors are supported by an extra USB cable for easy data retrieval from a PC or any other system.


  • –  Better display: A well-constructed screen is used to display that the coded data and gives the user a better opportunity to understand and use the data effectively.


  • Extensive data features: Having the capacity to read, produce graphical data, record and recap data, this scanner provides its users with a greater chance of having a better scan experience. Additional data that can be retrieved consists of check engine light readiness features, and vehicle information.


  • –  SAE-approved: The Automotive Engineers Association provides live data enhancement to give the tool a push in comparison to several of its competitors. This causes the tool to become a universal device which can be used and all different vehicle platforms.


How to install and useUsing this OBD scan tool is really simple.


  • –  First, you download the required software.
  • –  Install and execute it on your PC.
  • –  Turn on the tool and the engine.
  • –  Receive the data.




In certain situations, it is costly to pass judgment on a tool without trying it out. Usually, the user demands are varied with the experience of one person being different from another. Regardless of the all the obstacles, the INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool with OBD 2 Live Data is deserving of your use.