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INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader Review


Review Summary:


Cost-free support: Like most OBD 2 scan tools that fall under this brand, the INNOVA 3150 will receive technical support from the ASE, which provides its users with online services.


For most persons who have gotten the chance to use the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader for the first time, the response was that the amount power that the OBD 2 scan is able to commit to its task(s) is of the highest ranking. Vehicles that have OBD 2 can enjoy the ABS/SRS that is featured in the 3150.


The reason behind this is usually the existence of two features that are said to be coincident with nearly all INNOVA OBD 2 scan tools.


INNOVA Corporation is well-renowned for being seated amongst the most mainstream manufacturers of the most technological and inventive scan tools. As a result, the organization has developed the knowledge of being quite groundbreaking as they pursue even more OBD 2 scan tools to be a part of their invention.


It will be said by most users that the INNOVA brand possesses several of the most advantageous features when compared to an ideal OBD 2 Diagnostic scan tool.


There have been a few requirements such as the onboard diagnostics which lowers emission cases. Following these requirements, INNOVA Corporation is taken the time to design scan tools with more enhanced operations such as the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader which features ABS/SRS for OBD 2 Vehicles.


Why should buy INNOVA 3150 Scan Tool?


In utilizing this scan tool which features the ABS/SRS for OBD 2 Vehicles, there are several benefits to be had. These benefits include:


Cost-free support – Like most OBD 2 scan tools that fall under this brand, the INNOVA 3150 will receive technical support from the ASE, which provides its users with online services. Users receive instantaneous technical viewpoints which can come useful in distress.


It has a professional feel to every technical problem. Moreover, you get much needed technical help with great professionalism, which may be useful for a novice in resolving technical problems that are complex in nature.


It has a two-way control system which allows the scan tool to perform graphical representations and analyses of data which are concurrently transmitted on a live screen.


Things We Liked


Durability – Similar to the most of the models that are featured in this brand, the technical support, and user warranty that are offered with this diagnostic reader is more likely to extend its period of usage.


Quick service – With this device, you are guaranteed quick and streamlined service deliveries to give the user the ability to garner the data and help out in the motor vehicle’s repair process.


Wide user coverage – This comes about due to the propensity to scan codes using both manufacture and generic specific codes. This area allows the scan tool to score big in opposition to the majority of its competitors. Distant from some restricted models of the OBD scan tools, this one is compatible with long-time versions of OBD 1 adaptable motor vehicles.


Things We Didn’t Like


Following observation, there have not been any serious drawbacks of this scan tool. Nevertheless, there have been complaints by users about several instances of inconsistencies in the data which may come about because of the unavailability of the required technical knowledge.


If you’re in search of something that has a professional inclination, then the best fit would be the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader with ABS/SRS for OBD2 Vehicles. Maybe you’ve been all over the market search for a scan tool that will be suitable for all your needs.


Using the Amazon online marketplace as your place of purchase comes with a shipment option which will undoubtedly reduce the overall purchase price.


INNOVA 3150 Features


There exist several features that have caused users to draw closer to the OBD 2 scan tool. Among these alluring features are the features that come with the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader with ABS/SRS that are designed for OBD 2 Vehicles. A few of these features are listed below:


  •   ThedimensionsoftheOBD2is11x7.8x3inches,whichis relatively small. Additionally, the INNOVA 3150 weighs 3 pounds, which enhances its user-friendliness.


  •   Because of its capacity to read manufacture and generic specific codes, it can offer compatibility to numerous brands of vehicles. The generic codes consist of P3, P2, P0 and U0 codes. Nevertheless, the P3, P1 and the U1 which allow for the compatibility amongst several brands that come from the OBD 1 compliant with the OBD 2 compliant motor vehicles.


  •   It is equipped with a backup battery which is can be found in most of the INNOVA OBD 2 scan tools. This piece of equipment creates the opportunity for the utilization of the scan tool even if the engine is powered off.


  •   The most exceptional feature of the OBD 3 scan tool is its ability to refreshing every 30 seconds. This feature is great for the process of coded data verification. This is an automatic process that will keep the users informed of the completion of the scan process.


  •   It brandishes LED lights to make certain that the user is informed of a forthcoming emission state. Data transmission in quick succession and super-fast reading are all tasks that the OBD 2 scan tool is able to carry out.


  •   The two present airbag-based systems are the Safety Restraint System (SRS) and the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). These guarantee the user that he’ll be kept safe while using the scan tool.


  •   Aninternationallyknowncodingsystemwhichisbasedonthe numerous international languages through which the operation of the scan tool is made possible. This makes it possible for circles of technical groups to gain access to the coded data in the chosen language.


How to use the INNOVA 3150 scan tool


It has always been an easy task to use the OBD 2 scan tools. This is due to the Plug and Play feature that comes with it. The majority of them are equipped with a USB cable to allow them to be connected to the vehicle’s engine for a quick scan.




Similar to most of us, it is a must that we discover different things during our lifetime. It’s possible that you may have been in search of a tool to meet your car scanning requirements. Your agony will be long gone. Don’t hesitate to get yours today!


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