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OTC (3109N) Trilingual OBD II/EOBD & CAN Scan Tool Review

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No matter what your level of professionalism is, the OTC 3109N is OBD II/EOBD scan tool stands as a flawless device for anyone. As time goes by, scanning equipment is being increasingly utilized predominantly in western countries which have made it mandatory for these gadgets to be present in your car. Because of this, you be speculating about which particular scan tool to buy given the diverse shades of numerous scan tools that are available. In truth, the different choices provide the users with conflicting and diverse information.


It may be difficult to choose the most suitable scan tools to meet all your requirements, particularly when considering the formerly costlier professional equipment. There’s much prudence in choosing only the best. It is for this reason why the OTC (3109N) Trilingual OBD II/EOBD & CAN Scan Tool Trilingual OBD II/EOBD & CAN Scan Tool stands above the rest in our pick for the best OBD scan tool.


Because of the benefits that the design of this professional scan tool offers, it is made very quick in operation. It also provides diverse coding abilities which are unwitnessed in the majority of scan tools that are found within its span. When considering the design of the best OBD2 scan tools, the (SPX) OTC makes it attributable to possess several of the best artistry.


Why should you buy the OTC 3109N Scan tool?


Similar to most scan tools, this model’s use has numerous benefits. The most noteworthy ones include:


Convenience: Due to its extensive scope of generic and manufacturer specific codes along with its use, this scan tool becomes very convenient and allows for a wider compatibility. The user can have great convenience during the use of the OTC 3109N which eliminates the need to buy another scan tool.


Durability: The update ability of the 3109N extends its longevity when compared to a typical scan tool. Considering this, it acts in accordance with the requirements of more modern vehicles via the updates.


Can it be recommended?


It doesn’t matter which professional level you’re at, this scan tool is well suited for anyone. Because of its user-friendliness, even an amateur will find it easy to perform car repairs with this while saving a great deal of money. The performance of the OTC 3109N definitely goes in accordance with its cost. Why not give it a test so you can garner a personal experience with this tool?


Things We Liked


 It’s economical: Because the OTC 3109N has compatibility for several codes and brands, this tool is adequately universal to help users bypass the need of buying separate scan tools for different cars. Basically, it saves money.


User-friendliness: In considering this scan tool, usage is a plus. The wide coverage, size, and the other foolproof features that this scan tool provides convenience to persons who don’t even have polished technical knowledge.


Easy-to-connect: It has the potential to link with other coexisting devices such as the PC which allows for easier data relay and analysis. Moreover, this results in the easy repair of the OBD2 scan tool.


It’s sturdy: Strength is highlighted through the scan tool’s design with no sign of fragility. This makes it a quality scan tool within this area.


Things We Didn’t Like


Regardless of the many fine features of the OTC (3109N) Trilingual OBD II scan tool, it possesses some recognizable downfalls which can be overlooked in most cases. Nevertheless, the essence of the observed weaknesses may be with regards to the price – which is comparatively lower and may not sanction any recording. The others may stand as issues that can be solved immediately after using the scan tool.


The Features of the Scan Tool

The features which follow are some of those that tell the OTC (3109N) Trilingual OBD II scan tool apart from the others. These features include:


  •   A small-scale design with an exquisite appearance which increases its desire to be used.


  •   Ithasadimensionof5x3x1inchesandaweightofjust8 ounces. Because of this, it can be easily stored after use.


  •   An added bonus is the inclusion of the component locator as the user is provided with the opportunity to be knowledgeable of where the various pins of the OBD scan tool should be plugged in.


  • Due to a wide array of word definitions,this scan tool is able to translate the codes which make it easier for even amateurs who would have had difficulties wrapping their brains around the repair problem.


  •   Updatesforthisscantoolcanbedownloadedviaaninternet connection. This feature is the source of its extensive coverage of codes and thus is compatible with modern car brands.


  •   The scan tool has the ability to read live data, consequently providing a report of the scan procedure every minute. In addition, it has the ability to erase data, graphically present data, provide freeze data coding power and show several other facets of the motor vehicle including pending codes for easier use, O2 monitor test, MIL status, and information about the vehicle.


  •   The OBD scan tool is able to use numerous globally- recognized languages to relay information. This allows for easier acquisition of the preferred language by the user without any translation requirements.


  •   Similar to the majority of the products that fall within the bounds of the OTC brand name, this scan tool has a certification for CE.


  •   It has the potential to read beyond 14,500 code definitions. This is the most considerable amongst the recognized OBD2 scan tools. Several generic and manufacturer specific codes can be found in this codes collection.


  •   The OTC 3109N has an extensive capability that covers numerous car brands depending on the ability of the scan tool to read codes. To be specific, this scan tool can operate on over 2000 vehicle brands.


Furthermore, the majority of the scan tools that fall within the bounds of the brand are acknowledged to work with diesel cars, hybrid cars, and other brands that the OBD 2 scan tools don’t cover.


The display is transformed into a communicative tool that visually informs users of the start of the scanning process when the codes are acquired.


How to use the OBD 2 scan machine


The OTC 3109N is most frequently utilized when the connection of the required software and the external devices that come with it is made. A connection is instantiated between the scan and the vehicle by way of a USB port. Moreover, the code-reading process of the scan is showed on the display. Nevertheless, both printing- related tasks and data analysis can be done on the PC.




It is difficult to acquire several of the best scan tools the market has to offer. Nonetheless, you need to have an eye for detail and a choosy spirit. The best choice you could ever make is to purchase this scan reader. Even so, your circumspection can help you to determine what’s most suitable for you among the wide range of OBD 2 scan tools.