OTC 9450 OBD2



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8.0 /10

OTC 9450 OBD-II Scan Tool, ABS and SRS Code Reader Review

Review Summary: 


The OTC 9450 definitely stands up to its cost and will even exceed your expectations by offering more if it’s used appropriately. The efficient use that this OBD-II scan tool provides makes it a recommended product for your use.


With any company, progress is seen as soon as it has the potential to manufacture goods which can positively impact the lives of customers. The different societies that form the OTC consortium have been working assiduously in this forward movement from which the newly-introduced OTC 9450 OBD-II Scan Tool, ABS and SRS Code Reader was developed.


We have had other reviews of the OTC 9450 OBD-II Scan Tool but it is mandatory that the markers of the OBD Scan Tool comply with certain regulative principles. Besides, these principles may be the driving forces of scan tool classifications into various categories.


With regards to car diagnostics, the OTC is gradually becoming a household name in that department. They possess a more enhanced level of modernization and research which attributes to their huge success. Of the few OTC scan tools that are on the market, the majority of them are very highly rated. How can someone be unhappy about this?


While closely examining the OTC scan along with previously discussed in our other reviews, it’s quite obvious that there’s something new that comes with each one to provide to the customer. Moreover, the OTC 9450 OBD-II Scan Tool with ABS and SRS Code Reader will be worth a spot among the best diagnostic scan tools on the market because of the new taste that it will offer.


Why should buy OTC 9450 OBD2 scan tool? 


In utilizing this device, the user will receive various benefits which include:


–  Durability: Except for the miniature composition of this top- rated car diagnostic scan, the casing of the scan is made from leather which prevents the device from getting scratched. Its degree of durability is also extended by way of its additional features such as the non-compulsory power source that comes with the scan tool.


–  Efficiency: The degree of efficiency that this diagnostic scan offers lies upon the error-free data reading, analysis, and definitions which allow the technician to easily get to the bottom of coding.


Things We Liked 


Cost-effective – Because of this scan tool, users won’t fall into the torture of squandered journey times due to its features which allow for time saving.

User-friendly – In comparison to other recognized OBD2 scan tools that are available for purchase, there is simple software that comes with this scan tool. Besides, the process of installation is amazing. Even an amateur is able to get this done.

Easy Storage and Portable – When the size of this scan tool is put under a scope, you’d wonder why it is so amazing that such a top-rated car diagnostic scan can have such a compact design but provides so much.


No battery power is required – Even though it has a source for backup, this scan tool is able to operate without the use of a battery. It is in this area that users can get the required data at a quicker pace even when there’s a high possibility that the engine power is off.


Works with a wide variety of motor vehicles – This scan tool is able to cover both the CAN and OBD2 protocols.


However, this is not a very is easy task. Subsequently, it is observed that it works better with new and old models of vehicles.


Things We Didn’t Like 


There isn’t any known downfall that is worth mentioning here because there was none recorded by users throughout its use.


OTC 9450 OBD-II Scan Tool Features 


There’s great pride held by the OTC organization in their success in introducing this state-of-the-art equipment among those on the market. The reasons behind this top-rated scan tool classification may have been the many features that it possesses. Some of these features include:


The ability to perform coding in a span of both the manufacturer and generic specific codes. These aid in providing the OBD2 scan tool with compatibility for numerous car brands on the market.


TheSafetyRestraintSystems(SRS)and an Anti-LockBrake System (ABS) which assist in carrying out the required renovations. Nevertheless, in normal operation of this scan tool, it has been observed that it operates with accuracy, speed, and a unique level of precision.


It has a weight of 1 pound and a dimension of 5x11x4.5 inches. As a result, portability and storage ability are enhanced.


Unlike its forerunner that we reviewed, this scan tool is equipped with a battery section which provides it with the required power even in the event of a switched-off engine.


It brandishes a display that has backlighting capability which expedites the scan tool’s live data stream feature. In addition, one can view the scanned data with clarity due to the assistance of the large LCD display.


It can be easily updated as long as the PC has an internet connection. This is the medium that allows the scan tool to always be up-to-date.


The OTC 9450 OBD-II comes with a scanning software suite to facilitate the majority of its scanning procedures.


People from all nationalities can use this scan tool because of its bilingual features. Besides, English is the standard language that comes with the majority of diagnostic scan tools. So, adding another language will provide the technician with another language choice to read the codes.


Defining the codes is a feature of this scan tool which was required to eliminate the complicatedness that was present in understanding the codes by several experts in the automotive industry.


How to use it 


It’s worth mentioning that the performance of this scan tool definitely stands up to its cost. Besides, if it’s used appropriately, your expectations will be exceeded. The use of this device highly is recommended.


The use and installation process of the OTC 9450 OBD2 Scan Tool, ABS and SRS Code Readerlie upon downloading the required software, launching it, and then initiating a connection between the scan tool and the engine of your car for a subsequent scan.




The success of the OTC company makes it worthwhile for trying out its products if you’re serious. The market has so many diversities which have subsequently created many avenues to conduct checks to see if there’s a level of appropriateness in something. This is a very good scan tool. Take my word for it!